Sorry, wrong copy/paste on the function source code, corrected. Neverthelles i still get the problem.


I've tryed unsuccesfuly to implement an action on a set of list.

Say G=S_2, Omega = [[1,rc1,2],[2,rc2,1]] where rc1, rc2 are rightcosets of Stabilizer(G,1) and a function :

Act := function (x,g)
  local repr,comp,rc,orbital,g;
  #extract args
  comp := x[1];
  rc := x[2];
  orbital := x[3];
  # compute the coset
  return [comp^g,repr,orbital];

gives a no method found errors. With ShowArguments i see that x and g are set with 1 and rc1 respectively. I do not find a way for x to be set to [1,rc1,2] and g with the current G's element.

How can i implement such an action function  ?

Pierre-Alain BOURDIL <>
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