Dear forum:

Is this the correct and most concise way to construct PGL(2,3) with GAP?

> W:=GeneralLinearGroup(2,3);;
> H:=Subgroup(W,[[[Z(3),0*Z(3)],[0*Z(3),Z(3)]]]);;
> B:=W/H;;

Morevoer, I want to construct the character table of this group. But there is 
ian error.

Error, sorry, I don't know how to construct the table of <grp>
CharTable( B ) called from
main loop

So there are question I would like to ask. For constructing character tables, 
what kind of groups can GAP deal with? Can GAP construct the character table of 
PGL(n,m)? If the answer is yes, then how can I do this with it?

Thanks to everyone.
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