So, I've got a weird situation. My mac is is rather slow, but I carry it
everywhere. I have a much faster windows PC, but it's a desktop I keep at

I'd like to be able to do some computations on my windows PC, save the
workspace, and use it on my mac.

The first time I tried this (all using the latest version of GAP), it seems
my windows install was 32 bit (even though the PC itself has a 64bit cpu),
whereas my mac install was 64bit, and hence gap complained.

Next, I installed the 64bit "experimental" version of GAP on my windows PC,
saved a workspace, but upon trying to open it on my mac, I get the error:

#W dlopen() error:
9): image not found

Failed to load needed dynamic module
error code 1

Is this circumventable? or are the mac and PC versions fundamentally


- Will


William Chen
Institute for Advanced Study,
Princeton, NJ, 08540
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