I don't know why this happens. I had this several years ago. Now I'm using
Windows 10 for a longer time and PSPad accidentally begins to freeze again.

Sometimes it freezes after some minutes and sometimes after several hours or
after pc wake-up.

I do not have any anti-virus software installed (except of the windows defender
that is part of windows 10).

I don't think I changed many things in the last weeks. The only thing I can
remember of is switching between LIST and MLSD mode and raising the FTP timeout
because of this problem:

And I added some new ftp accounts as well.

Ah, and I had a wrong encoded file on my host, changed it between UTF-8 and ISO
and finally I had some days later the problem that UTF-16 was selected?! But
after I changed it back to UTF-8 the problem was solved.

Now I will test a little bit around. At first I deselected most of the
Highlighters, so only these are left:

The next tests:
- leave pspad open without ftp connection and without any opened files
- leave pspad open with open files but ftp disconnected

PSPad freeware editor http://www.pspad.com

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