I work with several IDEs for php and they all have one feature that I would love
in pspad. It's live syntax check - if you have a typo or something is missing in
your code the line number will be highlighted. Now I know pspad is not an ide
but I see that you have the possibility to add a compiler and use php -l
{filename} (for lint). This works fine and prints the lint output into the
console. Actually this is already pretty good. 

Is it possible to parse this output somehow? Can you point me in the right
direction? These are the things I would like to know:

1) Trigger extension on button press (possible with javascript) or other event
(like save, do you have js callbacks for that?)

2) Possible to get the log content to js somehow?
3) Possible to highlight line/add breakpoint/jump to line from js?

I tried to find a documentation for the extensions but was not very successfull
with that so far.

Best regards

PSPad freeware editor http://www.pspad.com

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