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PSPad 64 bit version preview without scripting support

This archive _contains modified files only_. The correct way how to get
full functionality:
1. Download and _install latest full version first!_
2. Replace existing files with content of archive

_Changes to 5.0.0 (235)_

Take Command TC/TCC batch files user highlighter from user qwerky
New scripting function tabColor(string) sets/returns file tab color. Parameter
is in RGB format: "RRGGBB"
Status bar shows position in formát: row:column(char position). The difference
is with real tabs
Hash generator was rewriten. It now supports MD5, SHA1, SHA2

TextDiff and compare with file on disk - encoding is taken from the open file
Escape closes Code explorer in some cases when Escape exist option was off
Sort function adds empty line
Copy line (menu Edit / Lines manipulation) with spaces on the begin followed by
UNDO and REDO added spaces on the end
Contex code explorer causes program hang-up with some files
HTML Multihighlighter - script tag wasn't recognized
Program settings / Registered file types and User highlighter dialogs don't
allow "+" char in file extension
Wrong CP detection for empty unicode files with BOM only
Paragraph reformat caused program freeze if the right edge was set to zero

PSPad freeware editor

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