Last Friday, I reverted back to V4.6.2, build 2750, which is accessible from
this website.  I did a completely clean install, manually setting all my color
and options preferences (to avoid importing any issues from the V5

I have now run for seven straight days without either of these issues occurring.
 (program crash and injection of garbage data at random locations).  I have had
between 5 and 18 files open at any given time, and I have not closed/restarted
PsPad even once during that time.

As a point of clarification, both of these issues had been *very* occasional
occurrences on all versions, going back years.  However, they have become
unbearably common (well, for *some* of us) since V5.  So I just want to let
people know that reverting is a viable option if you are experiencing these

PSPad freeware editor

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