Hello Jan,

In this version font scaling in the menu seems broken as menu text is almost
unreadable on my 2160x1440 (at 150%) screen (left is v266, right is v271,
screenshot with a x3 zoom):

(viz https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfexbyzk2t6xvym/Capture-v266-v271.jpg?raw=1 )

Also, since some version size of some toolbars is inconsistent. As you can see
on the following screenshot I have arranged the good looking toolbars on the
first line and the smaller ones on the second line which is creating problems
when trying to rearrange them:

(viz https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhww0kz90xtzq74/main_menu_icons.jpg?raw=1 )

Finally I sent you a new translation file for French on February 24, could you
please add it to the next release.


PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

Odpovedet emailem