I can understand both sides. I think users would not complain, if the names were
the same as before. For example New1.txt, New2.html, etc. What do you think?

Counter for New files are reset each time you start PSPad. I don't want to add
functionality to search free number or highest number for new file counter.

There can be another problem with "Scratch" files - I will use New1 as scratch.
i will close it, press new file, PSpad will create New1 and I close PSpad and it
will replace existing New1 with "important" content. 
It has no solution.

I am not against to add some functionality, but it must be conception solution.
Not such what is good for one man needs. It must be usable for all who want to
use it.

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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