hello Jan,

> open two TXT files from the same local drive like C:  est\Bob1.txt and
> click on the X to move PSpad into the Systray
> on the Systray, right mouse click on PSpad and select -> "Restore last State"
> PSpad comes up, with only New1.txt and the other 2 TXT files are gone

Please keep in your mind i sent you already my pspad.ini

rgs Bob

Hello Bob

I have your PSpad.ini from June 10, but it wasn't set to close PSpad into
I activated the option in program settings / System integration, but same
situation - after restore I got all my previously opened file. And I am sure
it's your file, cause localization was in German after PSPad started.

Recent files are stored in the Recent.ini file. You can delete or rename it to
test if there isn't any problem.

PSPad freeware editor

Odpovedet emailem