if the scripting support isn't activated yet, you can check this in the 
Settings :: System Integration: [x] Integrated scripting support (WSH)
(it currently works in 32bit version of PSPad)

Possibly after a new start of the program you should get a menu entry Scripts,
with the submenus as defined in the current scripts (Init ... )
For the above script, the menu would contain:
insert real tab   Shift+Alt+T

it can be called from the script menu or directly with the keyboard shortcut -
it an be changed in the script file to match your preferences; there only must
not be any collision with the same shortcut for other functions (windows-wide,
program funtions, code templates or other spripts). - It might be tricky to find
out - however, if a script works from the menu and doesn't work via shortcut, it
is usually caused by such collision.


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