When I get this error, generally in the pspad-window all is frozen, was an
'exception' that I could copy the posted error-log.
So how to log to support mail?
I normally have 2 or 3 instances of PsPad running, in each of them 'created a
project from folder'.
If the error occurs in one of the instances, the others are not affected.
One of the possibilities to reproduce the error (even it doesn't happen always)
is to make some 'hard-changes' in the file-folder (eg. add, delete files with
the windows explorer) 
I don't think that the error is related to the Carbon theme, it also happened
before - what happens is actually creating a new project, that there are changed
folder files/contents more often, once the project enter in a more stable status
with less changing files, file names etc. the error will happen less, I think

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