Aaaaaaaaaand I got it again! :-(3-[

That means, deactivating the 3 mentioned parameters and 'fixing' the negative
color values in PSPad.ini does not help!

Here's a screenshot from the diff. The right window shows what it should be
(open bracket, as usual) and the left window shows the garbage which is in the
file now. I've found out that some of the crap PSPad embeddes unasked is coming
from PSPad.ini, some other parts are from the source file itself from random
places, like the _e( zw )_ is coming from a function call [b]prn_txtmode(
zw );[/b].


This is what PSPad shows:
 The rest of the line (around 200 chars) I cannot

What I did?
- loaded two files (Unix format, C/C++ Highlighter, ANSI 1252, 10115 rows) from
outside PSPad via command line arguments (as I always do)
- searched in both files for the same place in the code to make some changes
- double clicked a word to select it and hit CTRL-V to replace the word with
onother word. I did this in both files.
- saved both files with CTRL-S
- found out that one of the files (the one I opened last and saved first) has
again crap in it!

To me this looks like a memory issue (@jan: is using address sanitizer or
something similar possible?)

PSPad freeware editor

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