It would be nice if PSPad could keep a real history of the searches and raplaces
that were made. Currently, in the drop down box, only the search text is shown
and can be selected, but I must set all other parameters manually (case, whole
word, regex, whole text etc).

Most of the times, when you reuse the same search text, you also want the other
parameters to be the same. For example, it does not make much sense to search
for "([a-z]\d+)" with regex unchecked.

And when you have done a search and replace once, it would be nice to get not
only the search text, but also the corresponding replace text with a single
click on the dropdown list.

Another fine feature would be to be able to "pin" searches (and replaces) that
you need frequently, so that they can always be found at the same place in the
dropdown box and don't get lost after having made a number of other searches.

PSPad freeware editor

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