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PSPad 64 bit version doesn't contains scripting yet.

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This archive _contains modified files only_. The correct way how to get
full functionality:
1. Download and _install latest full version first!_
2. Replace existing files with content of archive

_Changes to 5.0.7 (593)_

Color dialog - first 6 custom colors are remembered between sessions
Updater was integrated into PSPad. From the automatic check or from menu Help
you can decide to download update manually or run updater. Updater can be
started from command line too - see included ReadMe file in Updater folder.
HTML preview - it's possible to use WebView2 based on Chromium engine - in the
HTML Preview switch engine using first icon in the top left. There is necessary
to install WebView2 runtime from MS:,
or small MS installer what will do it automatically for you:
Changed library for handling INI files. Please report any problem with
configuration files
InnoSetup Script highlighter - improoved highlighting

Open favourite panel from the File menu
SpellCheck - load/release dictionary
Program settings / KeyMap - save problem

PSPad freeware editor

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