:-))  If you don't expect to find something, it's more difficult to find. 

I still have two suggestione regarding search and replace: 

1. When clicking on a "profile" entry or scrolling through the profile drop down
box, the corresponding data could be automatically loaded on the search form, so
you would immediately see what is hidden behind the name of the profile and not
have to click on the load button.

2. Sometimes, it happens to me that while I am entering a complex regex
expression in the search field, by mistake I hit {escape} or {down} or some
other key which inadvertently erases everything I have entered. It would be
great if in such a situation, when the search field is cleared and filled with
other data or when the search dialog is closed, the already entered search text
would be added to the search history so it does not get lost and can be
recovered easily.

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