1. I can do it. In case combobox drop will be dropped down and you will move
down/up, you will see immediatelly settings. 
But in my opinion it won't help, cause drop down list hides most of the dialog.
It's up to user to use "the right" description of profile

2. it's possible to add string even you don't search, but it can be confusing
for users

1.  :-)
I don't know how big the combobox can become (I don't have many entries, but
since I know this feature, I use it often). Maybe it would help to allow to
optionally limit the number of lines displayed. Even if you don't see what has
been loaded, 

2.  I don't think that it happens often that someone voluntarily aborts a search
after entering data in the search and replace fields. And if he aborts or
scrolls by mistake, the history certainly would be helpful.

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