When I type alt+F, C to close the current tab, the program closes without error
(even if there are other tabs open, even unsaved other tabs).

After this crash, when I try to run the program again via Start Menu or just
opening an associated text file, the program doesn't open; still no error. I
only see the "thinking circle" appear momentarily. After restart, the program
works normally until I use alt+F, C again.

Perhaps related or not, also when I type alt+F, S to save the file, the "File"
menu is still highlighted. I have to press "alt" twice to un-highlight it and
place the cursor back into the document. It functions normally when I press alt,
F, S in sequence.

5.0.6 (589)

Windows 10 (updated as far as I know)

This is a new computer and I have only been using PSPad on it for a week.

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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