Just some notes on updater. I downloaded v600 and manually replaced JUST the
Updater folder; I had v598 installed.
I then ran Updater from Scheduled Task using SYSTEM.
I did not get the time line you mentioned I would get:
----- 21.04.2021 7:03:47 ----

This is what I got:
OK :    PSPad editor EXE file found
OK :    Check available PSpad version
OK :    PSPad update download finished - developer 5.0.7 (600) 64b
OK :    Zip extracted to: C:\Windows\Temp\pspadtemp
OK :    Delete old backup folder
OK :    Existing files backup
Err:    Can't update file: libeay32.dll
Err:    Can't update file: PSPUpdater.exe
Err:    Can't update file: ssleay32.dll
OK :    Files update finished
OK :    Temporary files clean up

Running the updater several more times I never got any further text in the
Updater.log; it doesn't look like anything is been appended.

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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