Your original expression is incorrect as it did not escape escapable regex
Original regex: ([\d ]*[a-zA-Z]+( \d*:\d*)?)(( - )| )?(((\d* )?[a-zA-Z]+

When searching for dashes, periods, and some other characters, they must be
escaped like this: [\.\-\]

Your corrected regex: 
([\d ]*[a-zA-Z]+( \d*:\d*)?)(( \- )| )?(((\d* )?[a-zA-Z]+ )?\d*([:\-]+\d*)?)

For more information on escaping characters try this search: 

To test your regex, use one of these regex testers: 

You type in your regex, then your text to search, and it will help you find
something that works on the proper text. Some of these regex testers allow you
to have an account so you can save your regex's. :)

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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