I have PSPad 5.0.6 64bit on Windows 10.

I edit the same .md file over and over many times over many years. What happens
is I copy and paste some data from a web page, and in the .md file I end up with
fancy double quotes (left and right quotes are different high-ascii characters)
and fancy apostrophes (which is also high ascii). Once a week I'd like to run a
program on my .md file to replace all fancy double quotes with a normal low
ascii double quote (") and replace all fancy apostrophes with a low ascii
apostrophe ('). I'd also like to remove some other non-printing or other
high-ascii characters in this weekly process.

The reason: These characters sometimes do not translate properly when the .md
file is converted to an EPUB file (which uses XHTML internally).

- How do I do this in PSPad? 
- Is there a way to run a program from a DOS window command line on the text in
the current PSPad window?

Thank you!

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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