- This morning I copied my old PSPad dir to a directory called "PSPad-old\" and
installed the portable version of PSPad 5.0.6. Then I copied all my .ini files
and my customer .def files to the right places.
- I checked View, Spell check and there were no misspelled words found or
underlined in red.
- I checked that I have an English dictionary installed, I do. 
- I restarted PSPad and opened a file via the Recent menu. 
- On the View menu, Spell Check was not checked, so I checked it again.
- No misspelled words appeared in red.
- I typed some garbage words and hit RETURN.
- Those words were also not marked in red as misspelled.

Did I forget to set something up?

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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