I wanted to add a comment to a PHP file, but as soon I hit SHIFT+7 to create a
Slash /, PSPad stops working and closes.
It might be in my particular PHP file only, since it works fine in a new plain
txt file - will investigate this a bit more later. It is a file, which hosts a
collection of PHP functions, having about 780 lines. "HTML Multihighlighter" is
in use, and code-page is "Unicode UTF-8 no BOM (65001)". It happens on line 9 as
shown on this screenshot:
(Btw, the 'mixed' return type shown in the second function is'nt bold. I'm not
sure, if this return type is already obsolete, but it compiles fine)

(viz https://snipboard.io/1ugSe4.jpg )

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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