Filetype plugins are used as interfacve between file and PSPad.
Plugin name = file extension
Plugin can be anything executable - EXE, CMD...

When file extension you want to open is equal any file type plugin PSPad call
plugin to open file, plugin creates temporary file and PSPad open it. Save
process is the same - file is saved from PSPad, send to plugin and plugin saves

For test, try to open any PDF from PSpad (for PDF there is no way how to file
save into PDF). Plugin get text from PDF (if possible) and Open it in PSPad.

I use it for PDB files - (palm dabase) what is used for ebooks. Content is sored
in records and compressed.

There can be plugin for anything, e.g. take DBF file, convert it into CSV and
open in PSpad.

PSPad freeware editor

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