I think I understood some things. :) What is still not clear to me, does PSPad
generate the temp files or just the path information? Does the creation of the
files have to be programmed in the plugin first? 

For example I tested the following:

if %1 == -L "%~d0%~p0..\_ParamTesting_.exe" %2 %3
if %1 == -S "%~d0%~p0..\_ParamTesting_.exe" %2 %3

The ParamTesting.exe does nothing except display the overgen parameters. For
example, when I _load_ the file "Hello world.au3", the ParamTesting.exe
shows me:

D:\D\PSPad4AutoIt3      est files\Hello world.au3

Now I write a few characters and _save_ Ctrl+S, then the ParamTesting.exe
shows me:

D:\D\PSPad4AutoIt3      est files\Hello world.au3

When saving, a different temp file is shown. Am I doing something wrong? What is
the right way to do it?

Please don't put too much effort into the answers, it's NOT important. I'm sure
I'll figure it out myself somehow. But if you have the time, I appreciate any
information. ;-)

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