if I understand correctly, there is maybe some specification needed for the
function(s) of  "tool.exe" in the above example.
The mechanism of calling the plugins based on the "bat" file name and file
extensions and passing the parameters is clear, but the expected internals of
the actual tools.exe was sofar not clear to me (maybe I am missing something

There is some more info in the previous post:
when loading, pspad calls plugin with: "c:      empile.xxx" and
"c:     empç213932.xxx"
plugin should open "c:  empile.xxx" decode or anything* and save it as*
"c:     empç213932.xxx" and PSpad opens "c:     empç213932.xxx" and deletes temp
It's similar when saving. PSPad saves file as temp, [i]plugin opens it, saves
file as target[/i] and when finishes, PSPad deletes temp file.

Is it correct, that the actual file manipulation must then be done in that
tool.exe - i.e. physically load/save the files?

The opening/saving mechanism, encoding setting etc. is completely bypassed if
pluguin is present?

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