Today's crash on 
"Execution of Address 00000000000000"
Generally not a good thing. 

However, as mentioned, PSPad was rock-solid completely stable when 5.0.2 was
released. We are in problem isolation here, and the problem is likely to not be
inside PSPad. I suspect something that Microsoft snuck into a security
update...since the problem occurs on two different machines. 

Note: I was NOT particularly doing a lot of drag-and-drop when the crash
occurred although I had perhaps 30 minutes earlier. Instead I was copying small
sections of XML files into new files and using the text differencing function to
examine them to merge. However, the crash occurred when simply changing from
window to window..I think.

As requested, I upgraded to copy 5.0.7 (643) by first reinstalling 5.0.6 (589)
and then copying all the files from 5.0.7 (643) into the PSPad installation

Help About now shows "5.0.7 (643)"

I will continue to monitor.


PSPad freeware editor

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