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PSPad 64 bit version doesn't contains scripting yet.

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This archive _contains modified files only_. The correct way how to get
full functionality:
1. Download and _install latest full version first!_
2. Replace existing files with content of archive

_Changes to 5.0.7 (643)_

File tabs symbols are High DPI optimized, light/dark optimized
Unix Shell Script - added keywords, added support for backtick expressions,
improved highlighting
Program start drawing optimalizations

TextDiff - file names size with High DPI screen resolution
Print with dark background
Block selection by keys doesn't start on the position where you write last
Block selection with F8 + F8 didn't work
Duplicate lines, swap with line above/bellow
MacroRecorder - macros and AutoIndent
Other fixes reported by users

_Known issues:_
UNDO with real tabs after autoindent

PSPad freeware editor

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