I have a access violation. Before I had all of the sudden some chinese letters
in a php file. Well, this is no problem, because it happens only sometimes. 

The Problem at the moment is, that I have 31 php files open. I worked on that
files for 14 days. Today I was ready to save that files but now I have the
access violation error. This is a nightmare for me, because I guess my hole work
is gone now and I have to do it again. I wrote thousands lines of code. 

I can press

Mail Log
Copy to clipboard

When I press ok, the access violation is gone but If I click anywhere in the
pspad, the access violation does come up again. 

My question is now, Is there any folder with template files of the existend
files that are not saved or do someone knows a trick to save my open files?

Thank you very much. I want press "Terminate" :(.

best regards

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