I realized that there are "problems" when migrating 32Bit PSPad to 64Bit PSPad.
When Updateing the 32Bit to 64Bit Version there is no check done ...Hey you, you
have a 32Bit Version installed. Do you want to remove? Or do you want to Migrate
to 64Bit?
It took a while to see I have installed the 32Bit Verion as well.
Then the 32Bit Update Message appeard several times and I have not realize my

My wish, Please: 
Can you add, may be, into the installation process a 64Bit check or on 32Bit
installation process to give a warning, 32 or 64 is installed?

Do you want to add or to remove the different Version?
Or you will use both versions? 

Something like this would be great 
Thanks with best regards

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