Long lines are limitation of base editor component by design.
What kind of file is it? Is it necessary to keep such long lines?

They are random files. Sometimes it is a generated xml or json file without line
feeds - whole file in one line.
My last encounter was text for a forum post, where the forum allowed to include
base64-encoded data in a custom bbcode tag. You write ordinary text for your
post, and for some special forum function, you include base64 data within tags
like this: [bp]...base64 data ... [/bp] This base64 data is provided by the game
the forum is for, as single line without spaces and linefeeds, and the purpose
of that tag in the forum is data exchange of game blueprints between gamers. The
blueprint data length has no limit (the largest I encountered is 2 MB). Hard
word wrap destroys the blueprint, as far 

Currently, I have to use a different editor for this kind of data, since Pspad
isn't suited to handle it.

It gets more often that I'm trapped with a hanging pspad due to a long line. In
the past, there were hardly any longer lines, but nowadays there are more and

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