My above mentioned error gets worse amd worse. 

I have at least one corruption per hour. As i said, open files are corrupted
while editing in another tab. When switching tabs, i find theese special
characters mosty at special positions (at an 'if', 'else', 'end' an so on).

This can't be a random memory error, it must be a logical error.

Often PSpad closes without any error messages, often text selection with the
mouse does not work anymore.

I am using the lates betas, 32b in diffenerent machines, on hardware ore
virtual, Windows 10 and 11.

In the moment i am investigating to move back to notepad++. 

I have been using PSpad for many years now, but in the moment its not usable
anymore, i am programming all the day long. 

I donated in the past, an i am willing to do this again, if this is fixed, but
not in the moment.


PSPad freeware editor

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