Download links, _32b version is suggested_:
PSPad 64 bit version is EXPERIMENTAL. It doesn't contains scripting yet.

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This archive _contains modified files only_. The correct way how to get
full functionality:
1. Download and _install latest full version first!_
2. Replace existing files with content of archive

_Changes to 5.0.7 (751)_

Program settings / Colors - Current tab changes top highlight color of the
current file tab 
Program settings / Direct edit - HighlughtCurrentFileTab=0 switches off top
highlight of the current file tab
HTML highlighter highlights new pairs FIELDSET, LEGEND
OpenSSL libraries updated to 3.0.8 version

Set PSPad as IE source viewer

User convertor added additional line to the line end if no text was selected
Problem with open big file and NO answer
Group UNDO problem
Other fixes reported by users

PSPad freeware editor

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