Hi Jan,

I just upgraded to 5.5.1 from 4.6.1 which I used for many years before.

I noticed a difference in the ftProgress parser, it seems to be case sensitive
now, before it wasn't for example in 4.6.1 regardless if I have PROCEDURE or
Procedure or procedure and FUNCTION or Function or function the output in the
Code Explorer was same. But in 5.5.1 if I have 
PROCEDURE name , the Code explorer shows PROCEDURE name
but if it's procedure name ,then it shows only the name as before
(under the "Procedure" tree)

For FUNCTION it shows for example 
FUNCTION name returns character

for function it shows
name: character

but before regardless if FUNCITON or function it showed only 
name: type
(under the "Function" tree)

Is there a way to revert to the old behavior?


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