I have recently installed PSPad 5.07 (775) on a new PC running Windows 11.

I use a lot of unordered lists on my webpages, and I_* was *_able to
use hot keys.

_*Ctrl+Q *_ yielded _<li>_ and _</li>_ with text between the
tags.  It still does.  I gather the code is in HTML.DEF and is 
[b][li | list item <li></li>]*Ctrl+Q
Until recently,_*Ctrl+Shift+Q*_ created _<ul> _and _</ul>_
with text between the tag.  It doesn't work any more.  In the old HTML.DEF file
it was 
[b][ul | unordered list<ul></ul>]*Ctrl+Shift+Q

1.  Is my code for <ul> correct?  
2.  Should I be in the HTML.DEF file or should I be doing this somewhere else?
3.  I am NOT a programmer.  What programming language is used in HTML.DEF? 
Where do I find a key to that mass of code?

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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