i love pspad! and i have been currently running stable without a crash with
version 5.0.4 (32b) on windows 10 for 3 years now, because when i have installed
any of the newer versions since then in past years, each of the version had a
very serious bug in it that has been mentioned in these threads


- where randomly saving a file/tabbing between files/opening/closing files had
crashed the pspad and/or started some memory overflow and in best case
completely ruined the file and filled it with strange symbos and in worst case
it had done some memory leak and crashed the whole notebook (i think the @pspad
said that this had something to do with a new Delphi version with themes or

now, i have randomly checked online and see that in march there's been a new
pspad version and it has many new cool features, however, i am afraid to
download it as it has one some serious damage on my work and computer in the
past when crashing and having memory leaks

could you please let me know whether has this issue been addressed? or are the
crashes still persistant? i'd really love to update pspad and use the new
version :(

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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