Thus said Richard Hipp on Fri, 14 Oct 2016 10:47:24 -0400:

> The final SQLite 3.15.0 is not checked into the Fossil trunk. Is it an
> appropriate time to release version 1.36 of Fossil?

I get the following test results on OpenBSD 5.8:

***** Final results: 14 errors out of 34413 tests
***** Considered failures: unversioned-45 unversioned-46 unversioned-47 
unversioned-48 unversioned-49 unversioned-50 unversioned-51 unversioned-52 
unversioned-53 unversioned-54 unversioned-55 unversioned-56 unversioned-57 
***** Ignored results: 7 ignored errors out of 34413 tests
***** Ignored failures: stash-WY-1-CODE stash-2-1-CODE stash-3-2 
stash-3-2-show-1 stash-3-2-pop-changes stash-4-2-diff-CODE stash-4-3-diff-CODE
    6m37.73s real     2m52.43s user     2m22.19s system

A  few  of the  stash  failures  will be  resolved  after  we merge  the
stash-fixes branch, but  I wanted to wait until after  1.36 was released
to merge just to get more exposure before releasing.

I'm not sure what the unversioned failures are at this point.

Those who are testing should also look at some of the link tests here:


TAI64 timestamp: 4000000058010480

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