Hi list;
Today I opened one of my repos, and expected to see some stuff that is in
'trunk'.  However, it was empty as the day it was born.  I could see all my
branches via 'branches', and could update to them, but when I would update
to 'trunk' it would always be empty.  Odd, I thought, I'm quite sure I put
stuff there, but 'oh, well', I thought, and I checked some stuff into it
that I had expected to already be there, and then also made a branch for
some other things, and checked them in, too.
When I look at the timeline via fossil ui, I very clearly see I now have two
trunks, the original one, and this new one.  I didn't even think this was
possible, because I believed that fossil repos only have one unified DAG.
Am I insane (er, 'am I in error', I mean to ask), or is this normal, and due
to something odd that I did (though I can't imagine what it would be).
This is not a secret repo; you can look here if curious:
fossil clone http://chiselapp.com/user/ziggurat29/repository/z29-3rdParty
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