Clark Christensen wrote:
> I'm using Fossil on MS Windows under the TCC/4NT shell, and am mostly really 
> happy with it.  But the one thing that causes me the most problems is the 
> forward slash path separator in the output from many fossil commands.
> I often find myself using "fossil status", then wanting to copy/paste a 
> path/to/file from the output into the next command, perhaps "fossil gdiff".  
> Obviously, on Windows, this fails.  And it's a hassle to have to edit the 
> path separators every time.
> How do other Win/Fossil users handle this?
> Would it make sense to change Fossil to output backslashes as the path 
> separator on Windows platforms (path\to\file)?
> Has this already been discussed?
> Thanks!
>  -Clark

Easy workaround unless/until fossil is changed would be to use the bash shell.

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