OK, great.  I hadn't considered using quotes.  I confirm your successful 
results with the quotes.

I modified the Fossil source for checkin.c to emit backslashes rather than 
forward slashes under Windows, but in use, I'm not entirely sure it's what I 
want - or what it might break.  I'll need to use it for a while to see.

The quotes might just be a simpler solution.  Just something else to learn :-))



From: Michael Richter <ttmrich...@gmail.com>
To: fossil-users@lists.fossil-scm.org
Sent: Sun, December 20, 2009 6:30:02 PM
Subject: Re: [fossil-users] Path Separators

Oh, that's a limitation of the TCC parser because it doesn't know when you're 
using a switch or a path.  Wrap the file names in quotation marks and it works 

So instead of dir path/to/file you'd have dir "path/to/file".  (I tested this 
just now to make sure my memory wasn't flawed.)  If you're doing Perl stuff, 
it'll be a trivial one-liner script to take the fossil status output and wrap 
quotation marks as needed.

This doesn't mean that Fossil shouldn't be modified to report file names 
according to local OS file conventions, of course.  It is a quick workaround 
for you, however.

2009/12/21 Clark Christensen <cdcmi...@yahoo.com>

Good suggestion, Michael.  That's always part of my TCC setup, and it's fine.  
The "fossil gdiff" example wasn't applicable (sorry).  That just works.
>It's other commands/apps, like "copy path/to/file ..." and "dir path/to/file". 
> Those throw "invalid option" errors.
>My projects are not C or other compiled stuff where I might build from the 
>repository.  Mine is mostly Perl, Javascript, and HTML files.  I typically 
>finish work, commit, then copy the changed files to a staging/test server.  Or 
>I finish work, and copy a subset of files, leaving the commit for a later 
>time.  It would be handy to copy/paste those names from the "fossil status" 
> -Clark
From: Michael Richter <ttmrich...@gmail.com>
>To: fossil-users@lists.fossil-scm.org
>Sent: Sun, December 20, 2009 6:02:57 AM
>Subject: Re: [fossil-users] Path Separators
>>The easiest immediate solution for you is to type "OPTION" at the TCC command 
>>line and tell TCC to allow both forward and back slashes in file names.  
>>CMD.EXE users have a bigger problem.
>2009/12/19 Clark Christensen <cdcmi...@yahoo.com>
>>I'm using Fossil on MS Windows under the TCC/4NT shell, and am mostly really 
>>happy with it.  But the one thing that causes me the most problems is the 
>>forward slash path separator in the output from many fossil commands.
>>>>I often find myself using "fossil status", then wanting to copy/paste a 
>>>>path/to/file from the output into the next command, perhaps "fossil gdiff". 
>>>> Obviously, on Windows, this fails.  And it's a hassle to have to edit the 
>>>>path separators every time.
>>>>How do other Win/Fossil users handle this?
>>>>Would it make sense to change Fossil to output backslashes as the path 
>>>>separator on Windows platforms (path\to\file)?
>>>>Has this already been discussed?
>>>> -Clark
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