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> So I got thttpd built and running on the DNS-323, and set it up
> so that fossil can be run via a simple CGI naming a specific
> repository. Now my URLs look like
> assuming that
> r.cgi points to a directory containing example.fossil. However,
> when I fetch that page, all of the links it contains are missing
> the port number. It is also unstyled and missing its logo
> because those links too are missing the port number.
> Any thoughts?

I think this is a case of thttpd not setting up the HTTP_HOST environment
variable correctly.  When I run CGI using apache on port 8080, it works just


The cgi-bin I'm using above is the same apache that runs the mailman
interface for SQLite and Fossil.  As you can see from the "test_env" screen,
the HTTP_HOST environment variable includes the port number.  I'm guessing
thttpd omits the port number.  That would be a mistake on the part of
thttpd, if I'm not badly mistaken.  Fossil expects to find the TCP port
number on the end of the HTTP_HOST environment variable and if it doesn't
find it there, it assumes port 80.

One of the backup webservers for Fossil is Hurricane Electric - a virtual
host running apache, but on port 80 instead of 8080.  See


As you can tell in this later link, HTTP_HOST omits the port number when the
port number is 80.

If you want a simple webserver for your DNS-323, consider running althttpd -
the HTTP server used by www.fossil-scm.org and www.sqlite.org.  The source
code is a single file of C located here:


Instructions on how to set it up and use it are contained in comments at the
beginning of the source file.  It supports multiple domains on the same IP
address.  I'm currently hosting 19 different domains on a single Linode 1024
(a 1/24th virtual slice of an actual server) including sqlite.org and
fossil-scm.org.  It easily handles 10GB of traffic and 280K hits per day
with around 3% CPU utilization.  And, althttpd correctly sets up the
HTTP_HOST environment variable for CGI so that it works correctly with
Fossil even on a non-standard port.

D. Richard Hipp
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