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> Hello,
> I have been using fossil the past couple of days and noticed two
> small issues:
> - I logged in as a different user using a local repository than the
>   default one to check if that worked and saw the original user name on
>   the browser page. That made me a bit certain as to whether I was
>   logged in as that other user or not.

The default setting for SQLite is to ignore user authentication coming from and let all traffic on that interface have full administrator
privilege.  This makes the "fossil ui" command much easier to deal with (as
it avoids the need to log in) and is reasonably safe on a single-user
machine.  There is a setting to disable this behavior and require login
credentials even for connections coming from

> - If I run the command "fossil ui" (so without the name of the
>   repository) the error message relates to SQLite not being able to
>   open the database, rather than a more obvious message like "you did
>   not specify what repository!"

When I try this, the error message I get is  "no within an open checkout"
which seems reasonable to me.  What error message are you getting exactly?
And what is the sequence of commands you are using to get it?

> Regards,
> Arjen
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