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> As a fan of the Zenburn color theme I tweaked one of the themes that are
> supplied with Fossil and zenburned it.
> CSS can be found here: https://gist.github.com/1259056
> Preview here: http://mine.jsilence.org:8080/index

> Feedback and contributions are welcome.

While i don't personally like the color scheme, "there is no accounting for
taste," and i generally fall in the smallest minority in all matters
regarding visual aesthetics. Nonetheless, i appreciate your sharing this,
and hopefully it will inspire others to share their skins (so to speak!). Me
being more of a "back-end guy", i always rely on people like you for
CSS/design bits.

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"I do not agree with your color scheme, but I defend unto the death your
right to flaunt it." -- Attributed to Voltaire but was supposedly first
written after his death.

----- stephan beal
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