After a couple weeks of debate, I've decided to shut down
As the message on the homepage states, new account and repository
creation has been disabled. Access to the website and repositories will
remain open until May 1st 2013.

Richard, if you wouldn't mind removing the link to from the
Fossil homepage I would appreciate it. A diff is attached for your

A big thanks for everyone who's used the service, sadly I just don't
have the time to maintain it and hosting it has started to become a

The Chisel codebase, Flint, is available under the AGPLv3 license so if
your interested now is probably the time to grab it.

James Turner
Index: www/
--- www/
+++ www/
@@ -142,12 +142,10 @@
   *  How Fossil does [./ | password management].
   *  On-line [/help | help].
   *  Documentation on the
      [ | TH1 Script Language] used
      to configure the ticketing subsystem.
-  *  A free hosting server for Fossil repositories is available at
-     [].
   *  How to [./ | set up a server] for your repository.
   *  Customizing the [./ | ticket system].
   *  Methods to [./ | identify a specific check-in].
   *  [./ | Import and export] from and to Git.
   *  [./ | Fossil versus Git].

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