On 4/4/2013 11:03, Rene wrote:
(e.g. Redhat users could try cent-os).

Two problems here.

First, there is not *a* "Redhat" Linux distribution. There is Fedora and there is Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The distinction matters because they do not share repositories, and their binary RPMs are often not compatible due to library dependencies.

Second, CentOS isn't an alternative to RHEL in the way you suggest. CentOS doesn't ship anything Red Hat doesn't in RHEL. There are good reasons to switch from RHEL to CentOS (and vice versa!) but package selection isn't one of them.

However, both CentOS and RHEL can get Fossil via the third-party RepoForge repository:


They're a bit behind the times right now, shipping 1.19.
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