On 7/25/13 2:05 PM, Lluís Batlle i Rossell wrote:
>> "grep" tells me that there are 33 instances of the __CYGWIN__ macro in
>> Fossil, in 8 different files.  So if you use "sed" to change them all to
>> __CYGWIN_OFF_ (or something else harmless) and then do "./configure; make",
>> does it work?   (I don't have cygwin installed so this is not something I
>> can easily test.)
>> If it does work, then I move for the immediate banishment of all __CYGWIN__
>> macros.
> fossil clone in cygwin64 now works perfectly:

   So .. we used the __CYGWIN__ macro to explicitly break fossil on
cygwin? That seems unnecessarily creative to me.

   Out of curiosity (there must be one or two here who put them there):
What are/were their intended purposes [in the fossil code]?


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