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> As far as I've seen, delta manifest cannot be chained.  There is a
> formula in the commit code that determines if a delta manifest is
> worth using or not.  Therefore, when the parent of a delta manifest is
> also a delta manifest, it will contain the F cards from the parent,
> plus its own.

i've just finished porting add_mlink() and that code seems like it could
handle recursion (most of the code does), but i'm glad to get a
confirmation that i don't need to worry about recursion there. i guess i
can go replace some of those loops with assertions.

> > If you have a repo with deltas, may i have a copy of it? It would be very
> > useful for testing my delta manifest code.
> I tested my improved import branch with the Django git repository,
> which turned out contain a couple of very interesting cases I wasn't
> even aware of when developing the first patches.  These imported
> repositories weight almost 200MB, so I think it is better that I
> manage to publish my branch so you can import whatever you want.

Since you told me about the --delta commit flag, i've got all the
baselines/deltas i need now, but thank you :).

----- stephan beal
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