2014/1/9 Richard Hipp <d...@sqlite.org>:
> It has been a few months since the last official release of Fossil.  I
> wonder if we should consider publishing trunk as the official version 1.28?

That's fine with me! I think Fossil's trunk is quite stable now.

One thing to consider would be which SQLite amalgamation should
be included in it. One way to make both developers and package
maintainers happy (as being discussed in Fossil-Users
mailing list) could be:

1) Create a "branch-1.28" from fossil trunk now (or any
   other suitable moment in the future).
2) Create a SQLite amalgamation from here:
   and replace Fossil's sqlite3.c and sqlite3.h
   in Fossil's "branch-1.28" branch.

Then trunk can be continued to be developed with
the latest-and-greatest SQLite version, while
Fossil 1.28 will be release with the
best-tested-and-most-stable SQLite version.

Of course, more bug-fixes could be merged to
SQLite's "branch-3.8.2" branch, but I don't see
any which are relevant to Fossil.

        Jan Nijtmans
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