2014-02-20 15:17 GMT+01:00 Samuel Debionne <samuel.debio...@ujf-grenoble.fr>:
> While debugging vfile.c I noticed that vfile_scan does not use
> "dirent.d_type" to dispatch between folder and regular file/link but
> uses an addition getStat call. I came across this thread that claims a
> high speedup for command like "git status" with this kind of optimization :
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/msysgit/d_type/msysgit/PGCFol99xUo/vjEPrajM_QsJ
> Has this been ever considered ? Worth a try ?


> This member is a BSD extension. The symbol _DIRENT_HAVE_D_TYPE is defined if 
> this member is available.
> On systems where it is used, it corresponds to the file type bits in the 
> st_mode member of struct stat.
> If the value cannot be determine the member value is DT_UNKNOWN

As far as I know it is never considered. I simply have no idea how
wide-spread it is.

      Jan Nijtmans
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