On 7/18/2014 09:28, Richard Hipp wrote:

Presumably you get the same error when you do "fossil sync" or "fossil
push", right?

Actually, I think I just figured it out:

    $ fossil server /museum &             # where I keep my *.fossils
    $ fossil open /museum/repo.fossil
    $ fossil sync http://me@server/repo
    ...hack, hack, hack...
    $ fossil ci

Facepalm, right?

For those who haven't immediately seen the problem, ci fails because Fossil still knows its DB file is /museum/repo.fossil despite the "sync" command, but "fossil server" is also trying to use that same DB file at the same time.

The fix: you really do need a second DB copy to develop against, even when there's a perfectly good copy already on the machine, running underneath "fossil server". "ci" commands against the development copy update the development DB, then autosync merges that change into the copy fossil server is using.

I didn't run into this before because my Fossil server was remote from the development box, and I never tried "fossil open" on the server.
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